M&ms, mars, whiskas, katten, snickers, twix, pedigree, and all the mentioned individual terms are not just keywords, instead are the brand products. Some of them lie in confectionery items and some provide nutrients to the pets.

Above mentioned all the eatable products are manufactured and sold by Mars Incorporated. This is an organization that is behind all these products and their popularity. It has created a market for itself and it competes with its own products.

Mars Incorporated is worldwide popular for their segmental business. They works in two direction one side goes to confectionery and other indicates the direction of pet food products. Both human and animals are their consumers, it sound amazing right that they serve two creatures of the universe at a same time.

In this article we will be talking about each of these brands in details. By the way which is yours favourite Candy from the list of available items?

Who is Mars Incorporated?

Mars Incorporated is a manufacturer of all these mentioned brands. It is located in Austin, Texas. They have been ruling since the begging period of 90s. They have strong foot print in the market of sweet taste and nutrients pet foods.

This business is divided into major segments of business:

  1. Confectionery
  2. Pet Foods

List of brands that are marked under Confectionery

  • About M&Ms

This is one of the top selling brand products of Mars Incorporated. They introduced this brand in the market in the year 1941. Since then it is one of the most preferred items when it comes to enjoy some sweet taste.

It is a kind of candy, with colourful packaging and delicious taste. Inside it filled with white chocolate and is coated by the layer of candy shell on it. It is a favourite taste of all demographic regions.

  • About Mars

Mars Incorporated have a launched a candy product of their original name called Mars bar. Mars bar is the best choice for those who carries sweet tooth. It was introduced in the market before M&Ms over a decades back.

Mars bar are satisfying and delicious in taste. It was started to be manufactured in the year 1932, since then they are serving it on the global market and still people prefer it. The taste, quality and a kicky flavour that it gives is insane.

People of all the age search for this to take a sweet bite of it. This is a mixture of caramel, Smooth milk chocolate,  creamy nougat and chocolate syrup. All these combines to make a bar and this bar is worth fighting for!

  • About Snickers

Snickers are the another by-product brand of Mars Incorporated. Snickers favourite of everyone, in 1930 when it was launched people went crazy. Thousands of people prefer  Snickers over  other chocolates.

It’s a perfect choice to be make who have sweet tooth. Snickers have a crunchy texture which  makes it more preferred one. It has got a nick name of go to snack, easy to get, affordable and serve unique crunchy taste. It is a combination of chocolate crunch and flavours of chocolate.

  • About Twix

Twix, from name to taste completely new. It was launched by Mars Incorporated in the year 1967, since then people have kept it in their daily bucket list. It has very unique and attractive packaging, a golden shinny wrapper.

It has wavy designed, manufacture with a different combinations of chocolates, creamy caramel, smooth milk, layers of chocolate coating and delightful taste.

List of brands that are marked under Pet Food Products

  1. About Whiskas

Whiskas is a pet food brand. It manufacture what your pets like and what is actually essential for their survival. Traditionally, the concept of feeding pets the different foods wasn’t entertained but, nowadays they have created an opportunity of doing business.

Whiskas carries all the essential nutrients in a food packet which is the basic requirement of the them. It makes them more healthier and fit. This brand was started in the year 1958.

It only serves cats, it is so tasty that your cats will snatch you again and again to eat it.

  • About Katten

Katten js cat food product. This is one of the top selling pet food packet brands which serves cat as their primary customers. Katten have delicious taste and all the essentials nutrients that cat demands.

It is prepared with all natural ingredients, try this product with your cat it will make her fall in love with this. Although, there is a tough competition in the pet food market but, Mars Incorporated has established themselves on a permanent basis.

  • About Pedigree

Pedigree is also manufactured by the Mars Incorporated. Since last 60 plus years they have maintained their position in the market. Pedigree is manufactured to fulfil the needs and nutrients of dogs.

Dogs love Pedigree in their lunch and dinner. This is the best food to feed to the dogs. It helps to improve brain and body muscles. Mars manufacturing and quality never disappointed it’s customers which is what making it a top notch brand.

In 1988, they acquire the business of Kal Kan Foods and renamed it as Pedigree. Since then, it is satisfying the need of the pets.

Note: All the above mentioned food products are manufactured under the brand name of Mars incorporated which is later tag with separate brand name and specifications.


Whether you choose chocolates or pet food products they don’t allow any other brands to touch their hands. No market is even comprehensive to this brand. M&ms, mars, whiskas, katten, snickers, twix, pedigree, and all products deliver real taste, uses heathy ingredients and has been in the business from the 90s. All these turns as benefits for this brand. You’ll will be agree that most of us have tried this products in India. This means they have a global market reach of these brands.

Above mentioned brands are just a piece of Mars Incorporated, they have ‘N’ numbers of brands under their name. To know more about Mars Incorporated and their sub brands line up click on their official site.


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