Today in our article, we are going to talk about a helping platform that is for the students of Technocrats Institute of Technology Bhopal, and the platform is Titfees. It is an online fee-payment platform. In this article, we will cover its essential components, like the registration process, online fee payment method, and some important dates for late fees. So keep reading this article to learn about this platform.

Titfees- Overview

Students have money to submit their fees yet on many occasions they are not able to submit it keeping this in mind TIT Bhopal developed a system called Titfees. Using this platform students can easily submit their fees from anywhere anytime, they don’t have to face the long queues and last minute chaos.

Analyzing TITFees

There are extra charge components involved in TIT Fees in addition to tuition.

  • A thorough analysis of the composition provides a full knowledge. Tuition accounts for the majority of fees, or about 75% of total fees.
  • This established how important basic tuition fees are. Yet, additional fees also make up a substantial amount. The sum of the lab, registration, And other fees makes up 25% of the overall fees.
  • The composition exemplifies how? Additional fees can have a significant influence even though tuition costs are the main focus.

Registration Process of titfees Online

Here are some steps: how can you do so?

  • first, visit the TITfees website at
  • if you are new user, then click on the Register Option
  • fill your email address and password, then click on register
  • after that, check your email that you entered in registration process check your email box and confirm your email address
  • now, login to the website and use your credentials
  • Complete the enrollment cycle by providing information, including name, date of birth, and contact details.

Process of Paying Fees Using TiTFees Online ?

  • Follow the instructions and information on the most effective way to pay costs using Technocrats Institute Of Technology Bhopal Fee online
  • Take a look at the Authority Website: Check out TiTFees’ official website. Account Setup and Login: if you are new user, you have to create your own record, as we mentioned above.
  • Enter your login information to log in if you are an already-existing client.
  • When logged in, click on “Payments” or “Pay Fees.” On the landing page or the site’s route menu,
  • Pick a Method of Payment Pick your preferred payment plan. TiTFees accepts more payment options, including bank transfers and credit/check cards.

Essential Dates

Before the deadline, students need to pay their fees. The course and semester determine when the deposit must be submitted.

  • The deadline for submitting fees is usually in March for even semesters and August for odd semesters. The exact dates are displayed on the college notice board and on the portal.
  • If students fail to pay their fees by the deadline, they will incur a late fee. The late fee is computed using the following formula:
  • Following the deadline, Rs. 25 per day, up to a maximum of Rs. 500, for a month at most.
  • Rs. 500 plus an additional 25 each day, for a maximum of three months after the deadline (Rs. 1000).
  • On the last day of the term, the price was Rs. 1000.

TITCourse and Fees 2024

Courses Tuition Fees Eligibility
B.E. / B.Tech. (11 courses) 2.4 L – 3 L 10+2 : 45 %Exams : JEE Main MP BE+2 More
B.Pharma(1 course) 3.1 L Exams : CBSE 12th, MPBSE 12th
MBA/PGDM(2 courses) 80 K – 1.2 L Graduation : 50% %Exams : CMAT

Benefits of Titfees

There are several benefits of this system; therefore, in this section, we will talk about those benefits:

  • Time Saver: It saves a lot of important time for students, as they don’t have to visit anywhere to submit their fee. With this platform, they can make their payment while sitting anywhere from any device in a few seconds.
  • Less use of Papers: The entire process of fee payment is transformed into a digital method with the help of this platform, therefore decreasing the use of papers.
  • 24/7 Accessibility: As it is an online platform, you can use this platform anytime to pay your fee; for that, you just need an internet connection, so according to your convenience, you can make your payment.
  • Fast Confirmation: When you complete the process of paying your fee, you will get confirmation of your payment within no time.
  • Automated Reminders: This platform regularly informs students about the deadline of fee payment through its automated reminders. So in case any student is not aware about the last date, get the alert and make the payment instantly.
  • User Support: Every time any system can not work properly, sometimes it is common that a system faces issues or glitches, or you may also face any difficulty while using platform, In case you have any problem with this platform, you can contact to its users support team, who will guide you for your problem.

Features of Titfees

There are many features of this system; therefore, we have listed some of them below:

  • Easy to use: This platform is designed in a way so that users can use it easily; they will not face any difficulty while using it or any other person’s guidance for using it. It has a user-friendly interface so that students can easily navigate its features.
  • Secure Transactions: As the platform is designed for paying the fees, students may also be concerned about the security, This platform uses encryption methods and guarantees to provide a safe way for making payment, It ensures that your confidential information doesn’t get misused or leaks.
  • Multiple Payment Options: One of the great features of this platform is that it supports different payment options, meaning students of TIT bhopal have the option to submit their fees by credit card, debit card, net banking and others. So that all the students can make a fee as per their available resource of payment.
  • Real-Time Updates: As a student, you can track the status of your payment instantly; this system provides updates in real time. The accessibility of transaction details is a great feature of this system.
  • Compatible: For the convenience of the students, TIT Bhopal designed this platform for smartphones as well. This system is compatible with smartphones as well so that students who don’t have a personal computer or laptop can use their phones to submit the fees at any time.


Now we will talk about the challenges of this platform below:

  • Technological Challenge: Every student is not able to get familiar with the new technology. Therefore, TIT Bhopal had some sessions with its students to make them familiar with the platform.
  • Security Challenge: As this platform is dedicated to online transactions, it is a challenge to provide trust to the students about the security of their confidential information and money.
  • Accessibility Challenge: Another challenge is that each student can use this platform easily, including students with disabilities.


Today in our articles, we have talked about a system named Titfees, which was developed by Technocrats Institute of Technology Bhopal for its students to pay their course fees. We have covered the system’s features, how you can use the platform, and what you can do. We have also talked about its benefits and challenges. We hope that we were able to give all the important information about this platform, and you are clear with every piece of information.


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